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Site Survey, Installation & Commissioning


Site Survey – preliminary installation check

A professional preliminary inspection of the installation conditions avoids surprises on the day of installation. One of our Service Technicians will carry out a full site survey to ensure all the correct services are in place prior to installation; such as electric, gas and water supply, including adequate drainage and waste disposal.

  • A site survey provides the basis for trouble-free installation, avoiding delays and unnecessary extra costs.
  • Using an accredited RATIONAL Service Partner protects the warranty of your RATIONAL unit, as all site surveys and installations adhere to RATIONAL standards and specifications.


Professional installation delivers maximum performance.

Certified installation by Keeling Catering Engineers

RATIONAL units are easy to use and deliver consistently high-quality results. The professional installation and setup of the units forms the basis for maximum performance from day one.

As a certified RATIONAL Service Partner, we take care of the professional installation and commissioning of your unit according to the manufacturer’s standards. We also provide support and solutions for your individual requirements. Rely on us as experts, to avoid unnecessary downtime or damage due to incorrect installation. With a professional installation you can be sure that your cooking system will provide the desired results.

Create the basis for a long service life of your new RATIONAL units with the RATIONAL installation package.

The RATIONAL installation package.

Professional initial commissioning

Professional installation

The professional positioning and setup of the unit includes connection to water, power and the drainage system. Furthermore, this ensures that the installation meets the high RATIONAL quality standards; guidelines and manufacturer‘s recommendations are complied with. We will register your RATIONAL unit, thus safeguarding your 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Professional documentation completes the installation.

  • For maximum performance and safety for years to come.

Unit briefing

Optimum cleaning, care and maintenance of your new unit are demonstrated during the short instruction. Regular and proper care has a positive impact on your unit’s service life ensuring its proper functioning.

  • To retain the value of your investment long-term.

10 Good Reasons

Benefits of professional installation

  1. Safe transport
    RATIONAL takes care of the safe transport of your unit
  2. Assessment of the installation setup on site
    Assessment of water inlet and drain as well as exhaust conditions
  3. Professional setup
    Setting up the unit according to RATIONAL specifications
  4. Electrical installations
    Electrical installation by a trained expert
  5. Flue gas analysis for gas units
    Professional setting of the gas components and carrying out of the mandatory flue gas analysis
  6. Installation of water inlet and drain
    Avoid problems and consequential damages caused by improper installation
  7. Implementation of the self test
    Adjusting the unit to its specific ambient conditions
  8. Competent technical briefing
    Your partner will brief you on the correct handling of your unit and provide tips for the proper care
  9. High operational safety from day one
    The proper installation of your unit forms the basis for uncompromised performance and long service life
  10. Safeguarding the 2-year warranty
    RATIONAL offers. 2-year warranty for professionally installed units only

Click here to view RATIONAL Installation manuals specific to your RATIONAL unit.


Once your RATIONAL unit has been successfully installed, our qualified RATIONAL Approved Service Technicians will be able to fully commission the unit. You’ll be issued with a RATIONAL Commissioning checklist to ensure your new unit is set up according to RATIONAL manufacturers standards. For gas units, you will be issued with Gas Safe certification.

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