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Connected Cooking

Connected Cooking

Digital Kitchen Management

Networking has arrived in professional kitchens: menu plans, payment systems, purchasing – everything’s digital, everything’s connected. Just like ConnectedCooking. As soon as you’ve added your RATIONAL unit to your network, you can start using this secure cloud-based networking solution to manage assets, hygiene, and recipes right from your desk. No matter how far away your cooking systems located.

As your RATIONAL Service Partner, we can help you to remotely diagnose faults with your unit through ConnectedCooking technology, such as immediate push notifications direct to us and your smartphone and/or tablet, identifying service fault codes. This ultimately ensures a faster response time and shorter resolve time, reducing the potential downtime of your RATIONAL unit and overall operating costs.

Everything at a glance, everything under control, and immediate information on what’s happening with your cooking system. You always have the option of intervening. You can always react. In short, simplify the operation of your cooking system. From your central location to your satellite kitchen, from your desk to the branch. Keeps supervisory work to a minimum:


All of your cooking systems at a glance: Online and service status, how units are being used, cleaning-related details – the data you need to fully optimize your kitchen.

Push notifications

Get real-time updates on everything happening in and around your cooking systems.

Remote access

Keep an eye on your cooking systems, modify settings, identify available cooking systems.

Cooking programs

Transmit cooking programs to units and manage them.

Software updates

Free and automatic.


Individual display layout to simplify operation.

Connected Cooking

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For more information contact us or download the RATIONAL ConnectCooking Download ConnectedCooking Operational Instructions.

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