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When should I service my RATIONAL unit?Why use Keeling Catering Engineers:

We are an award winning and the longest serving RATIONAL Service Partner in the UK. Our Service Technicians are professional, approachable and reliable, consistently repairing ovens to a ‘first fix’ ratio of over 95% – to ensure your RATIONAL unit is back up and running the very same day. All genuine RATIONAL parts fitted are covered under warranty for one year, and we provide an out-of-hours service covering weekends including bank holidays, and can be contacted via Emergency 24hr phone lines. We also offer bespoke Service Contracts and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Packages tailored to meet your requirements, including flexible payment options. Please visit our Services page for further information and how to contact our friendly Service Team.

How do I find the Model/Serial number of my RATIONAL unit(s)?

This information is usually located on the data plate on the left hand side of the front panel. For further help on finding your data plate, please watch our short video here.

How do I know if my RATIONAL unit is Gas or Electric?

This is determined by the Model/Serial number…

E.g. Gas oven serial number starts with the letter G: G11SE07102116655

Electric oven serial number starts with the letter E: E11SH12012286902

How do I know what size my RATIONAL unit is?

The serial number is used to identify the size.
E.g. E11 – is a 10 grid electric unit E61 – is a 6 grid electric unit

What do the Service Error codes mean?

Please view the fault and error codes here.

How do I place a Repair Service call?

At Keeling Catering Engineers, we’re open 24/7 to receive your breakdown/repair service call. Our friendly Service Team is available Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm by calling 01925 604722 or emailing

How do I contact Keeling Catering Engineers for out-of-hours emergency breakdowns?

We provide an out-of-hours service covering weekends including bank holidays, and can be contacted via Emergency 24hr phone lines: 07831 822176 | 07786 337915

Can I fit parts myself?

All RATIONAL parts can be purchased directly from Keeling Catering Engineers.
The only parts recommended for you to replace are:
– Door seals
– Lamps
– Air filters

For help on fitting parts, please view our ‘How-to’ videos.

What’s covered under warranty on my oven?

Please click to view the RATIONAL warranty conditions PDF.

When does my warranty expire?

The warranty on your RATIONAL unit expires two years from the exact date of installation. Please note, you will be required to show proof of the installation date.

How do I clean my oven?

Depending on the model, we are able to offer specific advice and supply the correct cleaning products for your RATIONAL unit. We stock all RATIONAL approved cleaning products and chemicals.

Please call our friendly Service Team on 01925 604722 or email

How do I know what cleaning products my RATIONAL unit needs?

Provide our Service Team with your RATIONAL unit serial number, and we will advise and supply you with the correct chemicals/cleaning products.

Why do I need a Site Survey?

A professional preliminary inspection of the installation conditions avoids surprises on the day of installation. One of our Service Technicians will carry out a full site survey to ensure all the correct services are in place prior to installation; such as electric, gas and water supply, including adequate drainage and waste disposal. For more information, please view our Site Survey, Installation and Commissioning page.

Why should I use a RATIONAL Service Partner to install my oven?

As a certified RATIONAL Service Partner, we take care of the professional installation and commissioning of your unit according to the manufacturer’s standards. We also provide support and solutions for your individual requirements. Rely on us as experts, to avoid unnecessary downtime or damage due to incorrect installation. With a professional installation you can be sure that your cooking system will provide the desired results.

When should I service my RATIONAL unit?

This depends on the usage, we usually recommend at least TWO service visits per annum. Please view our Service Contracts and PPM Packages page for more information and how to book.

Why do I require a Service Contract for my RATIONAL unit?

Please visit our Service Contracts and PPM Packages page for further information and the benefits.

How do I stop scale build up in my RATIONAL unit? 

If you have a Care Control unit, the unit must be cleaned at regular intervals and we recommend regular PPM service visits. To keep on top of the scale, we can also provide a chemical descale. For RATIONAL units without Care Control in areas with hard water, we recommend fitting a water softener to the unit, in addition to regular PPM service visits. Manual and chemical descales can be carried out by our Service Technicians during service visits if required.

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